Ad-hoc/Monthly Retained Recruitment Assignment


‘Should we bring our recruitment In-House to save time, money and to get better quality applicants because our Rec2Rec’s aren’t listening to what we want or delivering on what we need ?’

Is this a question that you have been asking yourself?

At some stage this thought is likely to have crossed the minds of many busy Directors/Owners/Managers of Recruitment Businesses, when looking at how they can improve their existing recruitment methods. So when it comes to ending a reliance on Rec2Rec Agencies, is building an In-House Recruitment Team worth considering as a way of addressing high recruitment cost?

Is doing it alone always the best way?

Are you looking to grow your team over the next 12 months?

Here at Rose Talent Partnership we work closely in partnership with businesses of all sizes, all with a different annual recruitment spend.

With our Ad-hoc Recruitment Assignment / External – In-House Recruitment solution we can save you up to 3rd off the usual Rec2Rec fees if you are looking for one or more member of staff to start straight away.

Or dependent on the number of consultants you are looking to recruit over a set period of time, we can manage ALL your internal vacancies as if we were your Internal Recruitment Team for a rolling monthly fee and these costs are spread from 2 months to 12 months, and if you require any of our other services they can be included in the monthly fee. (Trainee Recruitment Selection Day, Induction Course, any Training or Learning & Development Courses).

Why have Rose Talent Partnership as your External In-House Recruitment Team?

All of our services are fully flexible to meet the needs of your business. Our solutions are proven to bring savings of up to 3rd compared to the methods of traditional Rec2Rec Agencies.

We’ll work with your HR and Hiring Managers to maximise your return on investment on your recruitment strategy, integrating and tailoring our offerings to help you build a powerful direct hiring model.

Targeted searching and headhunting by our Talent Acquisition Team, ensuring only the strongest candidates are approached for your business.

Unlike some other Rec2Rec firms, we handpick the finest candidates so you can focus on selecting the best!

Saving up to a 3rd on recruiting costs should be your priority!


For a flat monthly fee we manage your entire recruitment process. (This is based upon expected headcount during a set period of time).

Our costs are easy for you to manage, with no hidden extras, enabling you to plan your cash flow/annual recruitment budget with ease.

Candidate Reach

At Rose Talent Partnership we identified that the market is moving on and clients are demanding more from their recruiting partners, with this in mind Steve Ames founded Rose Talent Partnership off the back of owning a Rec2Rec Agency for 10½ years with a network and database of 10,000+ passive and actively looking experienced Recruiters.

Our approach has always been consultative and professional, which is why we utilise the excellent network of contacts we have, which we have been fortunate enough to built up over the last 15 years.

As your In-House Recruitment Team we are able to do things completely different which increases the number of applicants that apply directly to us.

With most Rec2Rec Agencies in general having a bad reputation because of a few poor ones, more and more candidates prefer to go direct to an In-House / Internal Recruitment Team…… and that’s where we come in…

Rose Talent Partnership aims are to:

Save valuable time for the Client; Assist in the strategic growth of the Clients business to increase T/O and GP revenue, install a successful recruiting process; Source, recruit and screen suitable Applicants; and provide our Client access to support, training and mentoring during the duration of the project.

Our work includes, but, is not limited to the following:

  1. To formulate with the Client the criteria for Applicant selection, corporate background, position salary, and location specifics.
  2. Identification of potential Applicants through CV database review, networking calls, direct contacts with competitors, receipt of CV’s through E-mail advertising and leads.
  3. Applicant screening through CV reviews, telephone interviews and direct face-to-face interviews at the Clients offices.
  4. Preparation of interview/registration notes for presentation to Client.
  5. Submission of screened and interviewed Applicant CV’s to Client. (Introduction)
  6. Coordination of Applicant interviews with Client in person.
  7. If required – facilitate a Trainee Recruitment Selection Day, offer Induction Day Training to new starters and staff training and Learning & Development Courses.
  8. Verification of references for new starters, when requested by Client.
  9. Assistance with the coordination and acceptance of job offers.

Offer Management

When we find the applicant best suited to your role, we handle every step of the offer process. By acting as your intermediary, all negotiations can be handled impartially. The result is a smooth and successful conclusion to your staff recruitment.

But we don’t stop there. We stay in contact with the successful candidate until they begin their employment should any issues arise.

In order to address any concerns on both the employer and candidate side, we also provide an offer management element to our Talent Acquisition solution, ensuring a smooth package and negotiating processes. We are able to act as an impartial 3rd party, ensuring a successful conclusion.

Protecting your Brand as an Employer

A popular reason for bringing recruitment In-House is to build and strengthen your organisation’s brand as an Employer.

But, managing the full process of candidate engagement is a complex task. In an ideal world your internal recruitment process will ensure that your candidates are provided with rapid feedback, are kept updated at all stages and are never left feeling any disappointment towards your brand.

Achieving this is something that can easily become highly time-consuming. Again, this is an occasion where partnering with us can be a huge help for your management team.

Rose Talent Partnership operate the same as Recruitment agencies, we act as an intermediary, keeping candidates engaged and dealing with difficult offer management negotiations. We can deliver a smooth and successful conclusion and deflect any negativity towards your brand as an Employer.

Conflict of interest

We have been asked if there is a conflict of interest with us representing more than one company. However, we do not represent Recruitment Organisations that operate within the same sector, in the same location. We approach the candidate on your behalf, not as Rose Talent Partnership, so that any candidate that we source has only your company to be put forward to.


By working with an External In-House Recruitment Team that provides tailored solutions, the task of managing recruitment internally can be far easier to achieve. Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your existing process and build a direct hiring model from scratch or you’re seeking for ways to improve your internal set up, using our specific services has many positives.

As your ‘External In-House Recruiter’ we have an advantage, because by working solely for your business day in day out, we will have gained an intimate knowledge of your company and its culture, direction and needs.

For more information about the services that we can provide you, please feel free to contact us today via the Enquiry Form or by calling the point of contact in your country.