Trainee Recruitment Consultants – Selection Days

For Trainee/Graduate Recruitment Consultants

Think about how many times you have set aside one hour to interview someone, only for them not to show up. Frustrating or what?

Rose Talent Partnership – Selection Days can take anything between 4-6 hours and allow organisations to group assess anything from 4 to 15 potential Trainee/Graduate Recruitment Consultants at any one time in any desired location. This is not only time saving when recruiting staff, but proof also demonstrates that it is the most time saving and cost effective means of recruiting staff.

Our Managing Consultant Steve Ames has been successfully running these Selection Days for the last 20 years in various guises, having previously been described by attendees as something between ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Dragons Den – UK / Shark Tank – South Africa’, but thoroughly enjoyable and informative.

Our knowledge of the Recruitment Industry and previous experience running these Selection Days has shown that we give you the best applicants available on the day and not necessarily the best CV writers. 

Our Selection Days really allow employers to fully evaluate potential Trainee/Graduate Recruiters against required core competencies & skills, in a real-time working simulation. Core competencies will be defined with the employer prior to the Selection Day.

This service gives employers the opportunity to select the “right” person based on performance & results instead of a gut feeling.

Selection Days provide a relaxed environment where employers can assess existing performance and predict future job performance by assessing candidates accurately against desired key skills & competencies.

Selection Days reflect the reality of the job and the organisation. New recruits have high expectations of their new job and disappointment can be a destructive influence in the workplace. Research has also shown that Candidates who attend Selection Days are impressed by the Client’s Company, even if they are rejected. Attendance at a Selection Day can help the Candidate to assess what working for the organisation will be like prior to joining.

Hiring Managers and Candidates interact with each other throughout the day and this gives many opportunities for both parties to explore those issues not normally covered during the traditional interview process.

By accurately assessing each potential employee in one session, for a one-off fee, this offers tremendous value for money if you are recruiting for multiple positions.

At the end of the Selection Day you should see exactly who has stood out from the crowd and this makes your decision even easier.

So again, think about how many times you have set aside an hour to interview someone, only for them not to show up.

And we all know that – ‘Time = Money’ – So how much of each are you going to carry on wasting?