Rec2Rec – Contingency Recruitment

Our Terms of Business are straight forward with a 15% fee based on the Total Basic Annual Salary and this comes with a 90 Day – Free Replacement – Guarantee Period.


In order to qualify for the Free Replacement, the Client must have paid the Company’s fee within 7 days of the Applicants start date.

The Client will be entitled to the Free Replacement if the Applicant is dismissed by the Client due to incompetence, dishonesty or the Applicant tenders his/her own resignation.

If the Company is unable to find a suitable replacement within a reasonable amount of time (90 Days), then the Company will issue the Client with a non-refundable credit note against future placements (valid for 12 months).

We will work tirelessly to provide you with suitable Candidates that you desire. We can give you advice on the remuneration package, based on current market conditions, to enable you to attract the top talent available.